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Reference: Łukasz Szymański

During application process to Atos Expert Community Łukasz Szymański sent me few nice words about our work together:

I’ve met Jakub on my professional path in my previous job. We worked for Kazimierz Wielki University data center in one team. I’ve learned a lot from him regarding Linux systems, BASH scripting and Python programming.

Those days, Jakub has been recognized as a very talented and inventive programmer. He had great ideas for automation of everyday work and making it more in line with ITIL. Together we have increased quality of provided services by creating the base of first ticketing system on University. We have also automated creation of student accounts in university mail and wifi systems. Jakub had brilliant skill (he still has it;-)) to create scripts based on ideas, suggestions and feedback from the users. He designed and implemented electronic identity for students and university staff (it was based on MySQL, ERP system, LDAP, USOSWeb systems and Oracle Virtual Directory, which was the core of this service).

Beside the developer tasks, Jakub was also involved into operational and maintain duties. He has very wide knowledge regarding IT services, such as DNS (bind9), DHCP, IMAP/POP3/SMTP/WebMail (exim, dovecot, Zimbra Appliance, SquirlMail, Cisco Ironports), LDAP (OpenLDAP and Solaris LDAP Server - yes, we were responsible for many UNIX machines too;-) ), NTP, Radius (FreeRadius), HTTP (Apache2, Nginx, Apache). We were also responsible (as mentioned above) for many flavours of operating systems including Debian, OPENSuse, Solaris, FreeBSD and even Windows 2008.The scope of responsibilities included also managing hardware - network switches, routers, bare metal servers, Cisco Unified Computing System environment (two chassis, two fabric interconnects and blade servers), Oracle blade servers, storage arrays (StorageTek and NetApp). To be honest - our team was responsible for full scope of everything that you can imagine in terms of IT ;-)

At the end of our career at University, we have decided both to participate in Atos Linux Academy, after which we have joined Atos. Our career paths has split up, I became a part of Automation team and Jakub joined Monitoring in which he has become ninja of SecoDB ;-)

After few years, our career paths has combined again, I’ve joined Monitoring team too. Once again I have a pleasure to work together with Jakub. And what can I say? He has become more inventive, more expertise, more helpful that I can ever imagine. He has deep knowledge about Atos server monitoring solutions and despite current tasks and deadlines, he is always ready to help others and answer technical questions and riddles regarding his scope of expertise.

Currently, he works in CMF project, in which he’s responsible for Python and PERL coding, CI/CD pipelines and Docker containers. New application monitoring is his latest achievement.

Summing up. Jakub is the most open-minded, inventive and helpful people I ever know. I have learned a lot from him. I know that I’m not an exception, and he has influenced many people from the team. And I can’t imagine the Atos Expert Community without Jakub.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.
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